After more than 30 years of rocking the west coast Incognito has cemented its spot in the upper echelon of Vancouvers sizzling music scene. This Rocking Soul machine just keeps gathering steam!

In summer 2010 the fabulous Nadine States (So Tight) took over as permanent lead vocalist. An amazing performer, Ms. States had worked with Mr. Montgomery on numerous projects over the years.

Their shared musical passion, along with Steve Werbicki on keys (Ted Alexander) and the run-you-over-freight-train rhythm section of drummer Darrell Mayes (Colin James) and Fender bassist David Barton (Al Foreman) has given band leader Montgomery, what is arguably, his best version of Incognito to date!

Popular demand is at an all-time high and the Band is writing and recording what will be their 6th album-release.